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John Nelson ~ Author

I, Human: An Intriguing and Superb Futuristic Spy Triller, Andrew Kaplan, author of the Homeland and Scorpion novels

Where George Orwell in 1984 feared a totalitarian world of total camera surveillance, and Aldous Huxley in Brave New World foretold of the use of psychopharmaceuticals to placate the masses, "I, Human" posits that next techno advance toward this dystopia would be the use of neural implants and their drug conditioning. However, after fifty years of their use, the techno elites have lost the ability to program integrative functioning. This sets the stage for Alan Reynard and his journey from a callous transhuman operative to a feeling-oriented intuitive human being. The effects of his own healing transforms him and sets him on a course to undermine the oligarchy's social control.

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Author Bio

John Nelson is a former editorial director, and now owner of Bookworks Ltd. He is the author of Starborn, Transformations, Matrix of the Gods and the award winning The Magic Mirror.
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"In John Nelson's futuristic and aptly titled spy thriller, I, Human, he explores the boundaries of what it means to be human . . .Intelligence analyst Alan Reynard is sent on a mission to secretly infiltrate a Bornie spiritual community whose leader, Maria Fria,seems to be able to heal people and enhance emotion in ways beyond what the brain processors can do. But those who have sent him have not revealed the real purpose of his mission and Reynard and an outcast former operative, Emma, will find themselves on a dangerous exploration into the truth of self, consciousness and who we are and can be. An intriguing and superb futuristic spy thriller.
-Andrew Kaplan, author of the Scorpion and Homeland novels.

"John Nelson, in I, Human, imaginatively gives an apocalyptic scenario about the dark sides of pharmacogenomics and neural implants. He tackles a ticklish question. What exactly is a human being, and is there an invisible line inside that splits the human biocomputer into part man and part machine? And how will governments of the future manipulate it?"
Henry David Abraham, M.D., author, co-recipient of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize


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Distributed to the trade by National Book Network in US;
by Orca Marston in UK
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