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Editor/Author’s Publishing List

Igniting the Atmosphere: A Doctor’s Journey from Mean Streets to the Nobel Peace Prize by Henry Abraham, Cambridge Scholar Publications, December 2024 (developmental editor)

Ordinary Angels by Sharon Stevens Evans (basis for the Lionsgate film), Encourage Publishing,  October 2023 (developmental editor)

Hybrid by Lisette Larkins, Waterside Productions March 2023 (developmental editor)

Threshold by John Nelson, Bookworks Publishing, March 2022 (author)

The Singularity of Consciousness by John Nelson, Bookworks Publishing,  March 2021 (author)

The AOM System by Sterling Mire, Amazon, November 2020 (developmental editor)

The Serpent of Time by John Nelson, Bookworks Publishing, August 2020 (Author)

99% True by Paul McGowan, Lioncrest Publishing, May 2019 (developmental editor)

The Riddle of the Sphinx by Alexandre Montagu, Persepolis Press, April 2019 (developmental editor)

The Miracle of Anna by John Nelson, Roundfire Books February 2019 (Author)

Mass Awakening by Shoshi Herscu, Balboa Press, October 2018, (developmental editor)

New Mexican Standoff by John Nelson, Bookworks Publishing July 2018 (Author)

Defenders of the Light by Keith Gunnell, Amazon, May 2018 (developmental editor)

Brainstormed by Vladimir Lange, Red Square Books, April 2018 (editor)

Missing by Diane Lynn, Amazon, September 2017 (developmental editor)

A Guide to Energetic Healing by John Nelson, Rainbow Ridge Books, August 2017 (author)

Perceptual Hypnosis by Frederick Woodard PhD, Red Feather, June 2017 (editor)

Lotus: A Novel by Lijia Zhang, Henry Holt and Co. January 2017 (preliminary edit)

Luminous Living by Jacob Liberman, New World Library, January 2018 (editor)

Legend of the Amazons: The Awakening by John G. Minichielli, LoneStar Publishing, December 2016 (developmental editor)

Picture Bride [historical fiction] by Mike Malaghan, Legacy Isle Publishing, July 2016 (developmental editor)

I, Human by John Nelson, Cosmic Egg, May 2016 (author)

L'Orange Fire: Book 3 [psychological thriller] by Michael McLarnon, Seamrog Publishing, October 2015 (editor)

Dolphin Lady by Virginia C Smith, Amazon Kindle, June 2015 (developmental editor)

The Secondary Target [Crime fiction] by Diane Lynn, CreateSpace/Amazon, May 2015 (developmental editor)

November Fox, Following Joy by Esther Bertram, Conscious Fiction, January 2015 (editor)

The Last Stop [Sci-fi, YA] by Michael Burnam, Lodestone, Fall 2015 (developmental editor)

Above and Beyond by Lisette Larkins, Rainbow Ridge Books, Fall 2014 (developmental editor)

Finding Zoe by Brandi Rarus & Gail Harris, Ben Bella Books, Fall 2014 (editor)

Lessons from China by Beau Sides, Rutledge Publishing, April 2014 (developmental editor)

The Shaman’s Cross: A Journey into Aztec Spirituality by Edgar Martin del Campo, Amazon Kindle, December 2013 (editor)

Shiva Speaks: Conversations with Maha Avatar Babaji by Rashmi Khilnani, Rainbow Ridge Books, March 2013 (editor)

Talking to Extraterrestrials by Lisette Larkins, revised edition, Rainbow Ridge Books, April 2013 (editor)

A World Torn Asunder: The Life and Triumph of Constantin C. Giurescu by Marina Giurescu, Bettie Youngs Books, Sping 2013 (developmental editor)

By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns by Adrian Finkelstein and Valerie Franich, iUniverse, Fall 2012 (developmental editor)

It Takes Moxie: Off the Boat to Making it in America by Maureen Francisco, Motivational Press, Fall 2012 (editor)

The Buddha Speaks by Rashmi Khilnani, Rainbow Ridge Books, April 2012 (editor)

Yoga and the 12-Step Path by Kyczy Hawk, Central Recovery Books, May 2012 (editor)

Difficult People: A Gateway to Spiritual Enlightenment by Lisette Larkins,
Rainbow Ridge Books,
May 2011 (editor)

Bright Light by Dee Wallace with John Nelson, O-Books, Spring 2011 (co-author)

Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation by Jarrad Hewett, O-Books, Winter 2011 (editor)

The Sacred Promise by Gary Schwartz, Beyond Words Publishing/Simon & Schuster, Winter 2010 (editor)

Princes and Ogres: Integration of Psyche and Spirit by Donald Mordasini, American Book Company, August 2010 (editor)

The White House Doctor by Dr. Connie Mariano, St. Martin’s Press, June 2010 (editor)

The Patient in Room Nine Says He’s God by Dr. Louis Profeta, 0-Books, Sept. 2010 (editor)

Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain by Patt Lind-Kyle, Energy Psychology Press, Nov. 2009 (developmental editor)

Rediscover Your Heart by Fred Matser, Findhorn Press, July 2008 (science editor)

The 12-Step Buddhist by Darren Littlejohn, Beyond Words Publishing/Simon & Schuster, March 2009 (developmental editor)

God is Not Dead by Amit Goswami, Hampton Roads Publishing, 2008 (editor)

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