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Author Testimonials

"John deeply connected psychologically with my characters, especially the women, and revealed the cadence of their inner pain and joy in a way that I found breathtaking. I will be forever grateful."
Linda Graves, author of Mutual Arisings

“John’s editing and mentoring took me from a beginner to a confident writer much faster than a university degree program. He put his heart and soul into every line of the book. I am so grateful I found him.”
Rick Holcomb, author of Stand Fast

“A thank you to John Nelson who patiently guided me through revisions of The Shaman’s Cross and helped clarify its ultimate intention.”
Edgar Martin del Campo, PhD, author of The Shaman’s Cross

“Congratulations on your editing of Finding Zoe. I saw a first draft, and it needed a lot of structural editing in terms of point of view, voice and coherent timeline/framework. You worked your usual genius and they ended up with an incredible powerful, moving story that works on so many levels.” 
Barbara Deal, literary agent

"John Nelson is some kind of genius in how he clarifies scientific concepts. I wish I had been working with him on my early research papers."
Richard Lippman MD PhD, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1996

"John breathes manuscripts and story-lines like people breathe air. He was able to help us mine our diamond in the coal, and polish its story and text until it glistened in the sunlight. For us John was the kind of editor every author dreams about."
Gail Harris and Brandi Rarus, authors of Finding Zoe

“I am thankful to John Nelson of Bookworks, editor extraordinaire, certainly one of the best editors on the planet. I am deeply grateful for his always creative and brilliant touch.” 
Lisette Larkins, author of Difficult People

“. . . to the tireless John Nelson for always doing so many jobs so very well while still retaining his creativity, kindness, and humor . . .”   Paul Pearsall, author of Toxic Success

”I am grateful to John Nelson, editorial director of Inner Ocean Publishing, for his fine sense of how this book should unfold.  He offered wise and salient advice in the midst of his prodigious activities.”   Jean Houston, author of Mystical Dogs

“I would like to express my personal appreciation to my editor, John Nelson, who saw the archetypal in my work and moved heaven and earth to get it published.”   
Merilyn Tunneshende, author of Medicine Dream

“What impressed me most about John’s edit of The Sacred Promise was how he took the main theme and rearranged chapters, cutting out extraneous material, to bring it into a cohesive whole.”   Gary Schwartz, PhD, author of The Sacred Promise

“Someone once asked me if I had ever met any geniuses in my life, and I said one or two, but one of them was John Nelson.”   Frank DeMarco, co-founder of Hampton Roads Publishing

“John Nelson, editor extraordinaire, clarified my thinking and the language of the book’s text. Ever trimming and adding, he also helped get the proposal in shape that landed me an agent.  John coined the title, which is perfect.”   Darren Littlejohn, The 12-Step Buddhist   

“My editor at Bear & Company, John Nelson, deserves a very special accolade. His editorial finesse, patience, determination, and endless hours of hard work were a major contribution in the production of Family of Light.  My deepest appreciation, John, for your abilities, as well as my admiration for your personal dedication.”   Barbara Marciniak, author of Family of Light

”John Nelson, author and longtime friend, invaluable sounding board and critic throughout the writing of this book, who insisted on more when I would have settled for less.”   
Mary Elizabeth Marlowe, author of Jumping Mouse

“Equal thanks and appreciation to my editor and friend John Nelson for again providing me with his expertly refined guidance, his hands-on editing, and trustworthy support.”   
Barbara Marciniak, author of Path of Empowerment

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